Executive Security Consultancy.

KHSS offers Professional Training of Security Personnel as well as Executive Security Consultancy Services. This entails the provision of highly trained undercover personnel within an organization. Not only does it undertake the actual investigation, but KHSS also assists its clients to put in place effective security measures that seek to prevent future fraud from occurring. Specific services include:

  • Discovery of Hidden Assets & Unreported Income.
  • Detection and Tracing of Fraudulent Transactions.
  • Detection of Employee Dishonesty; Embezzlement, Theft of Trade Secrets, Conflict of Interest and Corrupt Practices.
  • Forensic Security Audits
  • Covert Due Diligence

KHSS provides detailed security audit feedback. Keeping the above in mind, it conducts a free assessment of its clients’ most pressing security needs, geared to providing them with the most cost effective services.